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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Status Report

Traveller's log is still on hiatus due to the contract the author has with Steve Jackson Games which prevents her from writing any Traveller related material while under contract. The manuscript for Psionics Institutes is completed and in the hands of the talented editors at Steve Jackson Games. The publishing process is slow, and there is no telling how long it will be before that book is released. For updates on this and other projects by the author, check out her writing blog.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

On Hiatus

Traveller's Log has reached the end of "Chapter One" and is going on hiatus. The author has several high priority projects which must be completed on schedule. Amanda Dickerson is working closely with the editors of GURPS Traveller to produce a sourcebook called "Traveller: Psionics Institutes". She is also working on revisions for a game book called "A Tangled Web" for Rogue Publishing's Pariah game, which uses the FUDGE gaming system. In addition to her writing obligations, Amanda is directing and producing a short film this summer called "Levitation" for submission to several film festivals and is knee-deep in the pre-production work.

You can find out updates on the progress of these projects on Amanda's blog.

In the meantime, remember you can read Chapter One on Traveller's Log on this website by accessing the archives on the right side of the screen. Remember to read the entries from the bottom to the top.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

NEBULOUS -- Night 7

As I look back, I wonder if things could have happened any other way. If somehow the universal plan had meant for things to turn out the way they have.

After I left Jinny, I quickly made my way through the starship. The bodies would be found soon and I wanted to be off this ship and off the high starport before then. Jinny had the foresight not to keep the Grimola with her. Unfortunately, that hadn’t been enough to save her.

I located the recycle center. On a ship of this size, trash is vaporized. Chutes from all over the ship merged in a spider shaped pattern of pipes, all feeding into a central unit. No one was in the area when I entered. I spotted the access panel to the vaporizer. I climbed a metal grate catwalk fifteen feet up, and then I removed the hatch door.

The heat of the reactor poured out and I was coated with sweat almost immediately. Inside and below me the vaporizer continued to flair as trash drop from the chutes above me, past this hatchway and into the reactor. I reach in and felt around.

In a magnetically sealed bag stuck to the inside wall of the vaporizer I felt the Grimola. I carefully extracted it.

Once I had it out of the vaporizer, I opened the bag and removed the Grimola. This was the first time I’d ever looked upon the object that had brought so much trouble and was directly related to the deaths of so many people.

The book was heavy with a cover of worn leather and inlaid, but scratched, gems. The pages were thick paper, yellowed with age and use. I flipped through the pages. It had been written in an ancient language, not a code as Jinny had said.

I must have been focus so much on the Grimola and distracted by the heat, that I hadn’t noticed I wasn’t alone.

The flash of a low powered laser scorching past, mere inches away from my face, certainly got my attention.

“I knew you’d lead me to it,” said the man aiming my own a laser pistol at me. “Just toss it down here and I’ll let you leave.”

He wore a bandage on his arm, and I recognized him as the one I stabbed in the dining area a few days ago. Somehow, I didn’t think he was going to be so generous as to allow me to leave unharmed.

I held up the Grimola. “This is a fake. Trash.”

I held out the Grimola toward the open vaporizer hatch.

“Of course,” I continued, “You don’t know that. So you might want to put down your weapon so I don’t get nervous and drop it in.”

“There is no reason to be this way.” He offered a smile, but not friendly one. “What do you want for it? One hundred thousand? A million? I can be reasonable… If you can be.”

“Come up here and get it.”

He walked around to the stairs, all the while keeping me in his sites.

I said, “That’s my pistol, you know”

“Really? Now I wish I had used it instead when I burned down your friends.”

I stepped back so that I was as nearly pressed against the vaporizer as I could be without getting burnt. I held the Grimola out beside me, only inches from the mouth of the vaporizer.

He kept the pistol aimed in my direction, but his eyes were fastened to the book. I kept it still even until he reached out to grab it.

Then I tossed it into the vaporizer.

He lunged for it and I sidestepped him, and using his own momentum, I shoved in after it. The heat flared and the man who killed Jinny and the Grimola were both gone.

I hurried down the catwalk and out of the vaporizer room. I joined the throngs of other passengers leaving the ship and I was soon breathing the ‘fresh air’ of the high port. I found a transport down to the low port on the planet surface, a trip of only a few minutes.

I stopped by Starship Services and left a message for Jack or Herlioni letting them know where to find me and I took a room at the crew hostile to wait for them.

I feel a sense of calm, knowing the Grimola is gone. It has haunted my footsteps since I first ventured into space. So many lives were lost to it, and strangely enough, I feel my life would have been claimed by it one day if it continued to exist. I am certain of one thing though, if the Grimola had come into the hands of the Harlequin nobles war would have raged between them and the Basadan Subsector.

I’m sure Gray will be furious with me to know end, but I owned him one anyway. I know Jack will shrug it off as he has so many other disasters. I am worried about Herlioni, though. I think he and Jinny had something and I think her death will come as a blow.

But for now, I am going to lay back and wait. A new adventure will be starting soon and there is no need to worry about looking for it. They always seem to find me.


I planted myself beneath the room where Jinny was staying and waited. We docked at the orbiting spaceport and while most everyone else was butting their way through the crowd, Jinny hadn't left her room. After a long time, I grew tired of waiting and went looking for her. I had to go quite a ways out of range to reach the steps to the next level. The crowds were still mainly milling in the hallway, and the traffic from the crew level was all heading down, so I had to fight up stream.

By the time I made it back down the hall to the cabin where she'd been staying, I couldn't feel her anymore.


I almost started running to the other exit. I knew I hadn't passed her on the stairs, and there was only one other way off this level. But then I noticed the cabin door had been left ajar.

I pushed it open the rest of the way, and nearly lost my lunch at the sight.

Jinny's friend hadn't survived the overwhelming firepower that laid waste to everything in the room. Jinny herself was barely breathing and sticky with her own blood.

I knelt beside her. "Oh, Jinny." I didn't know what else to say.

Her eyes opened. She tried to speak, but could not. I 'heard' what she wanted to say though. I knew the men who did this to her had not found the Grimola and I knew where she'd hidden it. Her eyes went blank and she was gone.

I left the room as I'd found it.

Saturday, March 27, 2004


We'll be coming out of Jump tomorrow. Champa has a large starport and I don't want to let Jinny get out of my sight or I might not be able to find her again. We are well into the Harlequin Subsector now. She'll probably have no shortage of assistance now, which is probably why she dumped me.

I've packed what little I have, with only my boot knife for a weapon, and I am going to start making my way toward the crew deck. I've been examining the ship diagram and I figure if I hang out in a lounge below where I last felt Jinny, I should be able to detect when she leaves the room. There are only two routes leading down from the crew deck and I can catch up with her as leaves.